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Homeowner Tips

There are two boxes in place in our for RETURNING BOOKS and one for DONATING BOOKS.  When you brings books to the Library for either of these two purposes, please don't  put the books on a Library shelf. For record keeping purposes, when new books come in they need to be added to the catalog before putting them on the shelves. 
Electric bill too high? Schedule a FREE Energy Audit from Duke Energy.  You will receive a free comprehensive review of your home and those things that use electricity.  Free bulb replacement and advice on lowering your bill.  Easy to do, no cost, a win-win for YOU! Call 855-739-9114 or visit to schedule your appointment.
If you need a smoke detector installed in your home, contact the Hendersonville Fire Department at 828-697-3024 for an appointment. 
Will you be away from your home for more than three months?  You can save money by calling the HVL Water Department (828-697-3052) and asking them to "switch off" your water.  This puts your account on hold, and you will not be billed at all during this period. Otherwise the minimum monthly charges are around $34 a month.  A few days before you return, call and have the water "switched on."  Although this service costs $40, it is cheaper than paying the minimum charges for the months you are gone.
Your Board of Directors ask All Plantation Walk residents to enroll in the free AQUA HAWK service from the HVL Water Department to monitor your water line for leaks and breaks.  Easy to do and FREE! Click on: - Have water bill handy for account number