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Governance Documents

Plantation Walk is governed by three major documents, the Declarations which formed the community, the Bylaws which control the governance of the community and the Rules and Regulations which establish standards of conduct that support the community responsibilities of the Plantation Walk Community.  The Declaration and the Bylaw documents were restated in 2014 by vote of the owners and were filed with the Register of Deeds in Henderson County. In 2015 there was an amendment to the Declarations that changed the official name of the community from Plantation Walk Regime to Plantation Walk Community Association, Inc. In 2016 there was an amendment to the Declarations that deleted the requirement for each unit owner to provide a key to the association and an amendment that deleted the requirement for an annual audit of the association's yearly financials and instead added a resident financial review committee of three unit owners to review the associations financial records and to report at the annual meeting. The Rules and Regulations were revised in 2018.
PDF copies of the documents follow:
In addition to the Declarations and the Bylaws the State of North Carolina has passed the following statutes that are applicable to the governance of Plantation Walk.
PDF copies of the statutes follow: